My name is Valtyr

Not really Valtyr but below you will find a couple of words about me


Well, at this stage in my life I am a manager based in the wonderful heart of Europe but I am doing so many more things that I sometimes struggle to explain what I am doing iand where I basically come from. I used to run my own company since I was 22 years old and was quite successful internationally. As an online marketing professional I became acquainted with many people around the world and also became unwanted a kind of trend consultant in the fashion and beauty industry, supporting big brands to predict trends and potential revenue opportunities plus setting the rules and paths to monetise accordingly. It was a pretty interesting time with really awesome crazy people and I was not limited to the online business anymore but could do so many things in various directions.

Do I know absolutely anything to force success knocking at my door? Hell NO! I have a lot of experience in many ways and also failed but I learn every day something new and all of the past fails, supported me to grow to the next success level.

After many years of travelling and doing business I decided to sell my part of the company and tried several new things. I am still in contact with big brand people in the fashion / beauty / online industry and still do some consulting work for them next to my daily job but I do it out of fun and passion. That’s the way I created this blog, out of passion and love linked to topics I care about and give people the chance to contact me and stay in touch.

My life has pretty crazy components most people are not aware of as I never really speak about them. I lived in various countries, did business around the world and connected with people you might know from TV and magazines.

Why the name Valtyr? Well, it is a rare nordic name also used by bands and even in computer games. As a fan of nordic mythology I fell in love with this name years ago and just wanted to express my personal topics through it. Does this blog have anything to do with nordic mythology? No! But again, I love it 😉 that’s all.

Wish you a great lovely time

If you have any questions or would like to get in contact, I am happy to connect with you via various social media channels or just drop me some lines and I will be more than happy to get back to you.

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