Chanel Bag Price Increase And The Why

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Why Does Chanel Keep Increasing the Handbag Prices?

A Chanel bag seems to be a must have for todays fashion aware ladies. If you bought a Chanel Classic Bag earlier on, you must be pleased with yourself. A quick look at the current market prices will definitely make you feel lucky. As the Chanel bag prices increase, the happier you will be with your earlier decision! But exactly how much does the current price of the Chanel Classic Bag compare to its past value?

“The best things in life are free. The second-best are very expensive.” – Coco Chanel

But wait a minute.. what makes a guy write about Chanel bag prices you might ask yourself. Well the truth is that I have no connection to these bags in a fashion way but I am confronted with these bags on an almost daily basis and I started to be part of handbag discussions by accident. From my very own perspective I didn’t just discussed about the fashion or style aspect but also about the fact of a yearly increasing investment people rarely talk about.

While the designer bags are a worthwhile investment, increasing prices will definitely frustrate anyone with a limited budget. The people saving up for the item must feel immense stress whenever they hear the news that the price has gone up once again. Chanel bag price

However, it can work for those who were able to buy the product at an earlier date. The Chanel bag price increases are actually highly beneficial to anyone smart enough to have made the purchase before the inflation. If you bought it in 2008, the same item now goes for almost double the cost! It is actually safe to say that Chanel Classic Handbags make for better investments than the stock market since its value will never decrease.

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“Dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today.” – Coco Chanel

The constant Chanel bag price increase leads to the fact there are multiple reasons why one should not wait any longer. There is simply no better moment than the present to make the investment!

Which of the following 10 points is the most important one? What do you think? Leave us a comment below this article.

The Chanel Bag Price Increase – But why?

There are several reasons why Chanel raises prices for their handbags, but let us focus on the important ones.

First, Chanel takes inflation into account. Since there is a high demand for raw materials, the prices also increase. It’s basic economic principles in action. Since Chanel pays for the leather at a higher price, the consumers have to compensate for it.

Next, the cost of labor continues to increase. Chanel bags are usually produced in France, Italy, and even Spain. Unlike other bags made in developing nations, the quality of the products remains regulated.

Lastly, it is a marketing stunt. You might expect the Chanel bag price increases to drive away customers, but it does the exact opposite! The higher the value of the Chanel bags, the more people are drawn to it. More people will be coveting the item and the interest in the product also increases.


“Never use the word “cheap”. Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (the rich buy them too). There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans — it’s up to you.” – Karl Lagerfeld

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Reasons to Buy a Chanel Bag Right Now

  1. Chanel Classic Bags do not depreciate in value. The longer you wait, the more expensive they will become. The present price is the cheapest that you can get them for!
  2. Chanel Classic Bags do not go out of style. People have been buying them for more or less 50 years now. Don’t forget that people everywhere keep buying them despite the rising prices.
  3. Chanel products are incredibly durable. You might be able to buy a decent bag for $150 USD, but they will not last for a long time. They will begin to fall apart as early as 2 years of regular use. When you add up the amount spent on restoration, the cost will be equal to the price of a Chanel bag.
  4. Since you already know that its value will increase in the future, there is no better inheritance for your child. If they wish, they could also pass it onto their progeny.
  5. Unlike liquid assets, you can actually use the bag! Anyone who is into fashion will definitely appreciate the increasing value as well as its stylish utility, don’t you think?
  6. Only a limited amount of people can buy a Chanel bag since they only produce a finite amount! This situation will only get worse in the future.
  7. Owning a Chanel bag is a great way to learn more about fashion. It will serve as a gateway to studying the work of Coco Chanel and the firsthand experience will also give you unrivalled insight into the stitches, refinement, and other details.
  8. Chanel Classic Bags are famous for a good reason. These are iconic pieces of fashion and they are easy to pair with anything from your wardrobe.
  9. Let’s get to an end with the list with this note: you simply need it!
  10. Your Chanel Classic Bag will never see a drop in its market value, assuming that you take good care of it. As long as you don’t abuse it, the ROI will be fulfilled in no time.

How Often Does A Chanel Bag Price Increase hit the Market?

Chanel never gives a definite schedule as it will ruin the fun. Even the reports you see about the dates are merely speculation. It varies, but based on my personal experience, they tend to increase the prices twice or thrice a year. Only on very rare occasions do they increase it once a year. The first time usually occurs early on in the year, around the end of January or the beginning of February. The second time happens sometime in summer, while the last one occurs towards the end of the year.

What’s your opinion? What do you think about the constant Chanel bag price increase? Leave us a comment below. Chanel bag price


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  • Elizabeth
    September 11, 2015

    I was sure that they gonna increase prices on a yearly basis. Got my last Chanel bag about 3 years ago and price increased by about 30%. Hilarious 🙂 Either Chanel bags will get a bargain one day or prices continue to increase and then… wow 😀

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