Metal Music Artworks April 1, 2024

Robse Band – Harlekin & Krieger Single Cover Artwork

At Valtyr Creative Studio, our passion is to bring visions to life through our creative expertise. Our latest project, the single cover for “Harlekin und Krieger” by the newly formed band ROBSE, stands as a testament to our commitment to artistic excellence and storytelling.


Our mandate was to create a visually captivating and symbolic cover for ROBSE's single "Krieger und Harlekin" that not only reflected the thematic essence of this strong metal song but also established a memorable visual identity for the band's brand. The challenge lay in crafting an image that captured both the powerful dynamics of the song and the nuanced emotions conveyed through the lyrics.

  • Strategy

    Lyrics & Composition Analysis, Creative Concept Development, Duality of Strength & Theatricality, Artist Collaboration, Visual Style Innovation, Heavy Metal Tradition, Fresh Elements Integration

  • Design

    Iterative Process, Creative Freedom, Technical Precision, Photoshop & AI Tools, Custom Photo Shoots, Detailed Editing, Dynamic Compositions, Color Palette, Selection Narrative Typography

  • Client

    Robse Band

  • Tags

    Metal Music Artworks

The Artist: Robse

Robse, the dynamic frontman known for his tenure with the epic metal band Equilibrium, embarks on a new journey with his band, ROBSE (Robert-Martin Dahn – Vocals, Dennis “Blaze” Baron – Guitar, Oliver Hey – Guitar, Marius Berendsen – Drums, Marco Paulzen – Base.

His profound experience and unmistakable voice have captivated audiences worldwide, leading him to stages across continents and prestigious festivals like Wacken Open Air. With “Harlekin und Krieger,” Robse delves into a narrative-rich tapestry, blending the ferocity of warriors with the enigmatic allure of harlequins.

The Vision

Our mission was to encapsulate the essence of “Harlekin und Krieger” in a single image that conveys the song’s powerful themes and Robse’s artistic direction. The cover art, crafted by our talented team at Valtyr, merges the mystique of ancient warriors with the theatricality of harlequins, set against a backdrop that evokes epic battles and folklore.

The Process

Collaborating closely with Robse, we immersed ourselves in the song’s lyrical and musical landscape, allowing it to guide our creative process. The result is a cover that not only represents the song’s narrative but also embodies the spirit of ROBSE’s music: intense, melodic, and deeply rooted in metal tradition.


Our strategy involved an in-depth analysis of the lyrics and musical composition to gain a comprehensive understanding of the song’s message and mood. Building on these insights, we developed a creative concept that highlighted the duality of strength and theatricality—represented by the warrior and harlequin. Combining direct collaboration with the artist and our creative expertise, we defined a unique visual style that respects the traditions of heavy metal while introducing fresh, innovative elements.


The design process was an iterative endeavor that balanced creative freedom with technical precision. We employed cutting-edge tools like Photoshop and AI-assisted software to create richly detailed and dynamic image compositions. Custom photo shoots provided the raw material, which was transformed into the final artwork through meticulous editing and retouching. Every design element, from the color palette to typography, was carefully chosen to complement the narrative depth of the song and create a compelling visual experience that pushes the boundaries of traditional single covers.

The Outcome

The “Krieger und Harlekin” cover stands as a vivid representation of ROBSE’s musical journey and Valtyr’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of creative design. We are proud to be part of this project and excited for the world to experience the magic of “Harlekin und Krieger.”


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